Sunday, June 25, 2017

Clothe or Not to Clothe , Yes or No?

Many pet parents are on the fence of whether or not to buy clothes for their fur-child, I get it, You see so many cute outfits, some are for aesthetic  reasons such being your furkid has little to no fur such as the Chinese Crested or  it could be cold outside so you want to put a sweater  on them, I admit I'm guilty of dressing up Ariel, I was a little reserved about putting a dress or even a sweater on her. That is until I saw the apparel section  from  Petco Apparel, I was a previous content writer for another blog and was approached by a #PR person that at the time was working with  them and asked if I wanted to be a part of their  program where I get to test out clothes and toys for my dog, Of course I said yes, so each Holiday I received  outfits and toys. Oh, My Dog! I  was not sure Ariel would go along with this, but she did and had no problem with whatever was put on her. If ever asked again by Petco to have my furkid wear their clothes would I? Yes, I would. Some people think it is wrong and cruel, Well I'm sorry to say this but I don't and if Ariel did not want to and resisted  I would stop and never make her wear dresses or sweaters again. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pool Day

I love finding treasure and what not along the road, The other day I found this little wading pool that was being tossed with the weekly garbage, My first thought would be a cute little garden in the back of the yard, but upon closer inspection I noticed that it had bone shaped designs on the bottom, How perfect would it be for Ariel to cool off in with the #Florida heat. I brought it home and it had one tiny hole, nothing a little duct tape could not fix and voila, #DoggiePool . Ariel just loves it 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dog Friendly Destinations

 I love to go places, but I feel like a bad dog mom when I'm  unable to take Ariel with us. But Thanks to  Bring Fido.Com I can search for Dog-friendly places. Now go and plan your vacation and choose your nearest dog-friendly place and enjoy your summer

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

3 Reasons to Choose

I'm sure you have seen the commercial advertising for  if not let me tell you about them. They are an online store that carries and sells over 500+ brands of food, treats and other essentials for your four -legged, finned, or clawed family member. I recently contacted them and asked them a few questions and got an immediate response, wow talk about fast customer service  I give them a high-paw on that.

Here are the questions that were asked and their response

Q 1. What makes your company Unique? 

A1. The things that makes Chewy so unique is not only our special love for animals but it's truly our world class customer service. We will always go above and beyond to make sure that every pet parent is happy and every pet has a tummy full of the food they love.

Q 2. Why should a pet owner buy from you?

A2.  Not only is our world class customer service second to none but we put love and care into every order to make sure that your goodies arrive at your door on time and in perfect condition. We're here 24/7 to make sure every pet is satisfied and If you ever have a question about a product you can give us a call anytime and one of our knowledgeable team members will be here to help.

Q3. What are you passionate about? 

A3.  We are driven by a desire to become the trusted partner to pet parents and to improve the lives of pets and people. We are all pet owners here at Chewy and we understand that they are more than just animals, they are family.

If this does not give you reason to choose them, then  read their Google Reviews

Connect with them on 

Thank you to Kelly the PR person that graciously answered my questions
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dog Days of Summer must have essentials

Summer is here and that means more time outdoors. You like to be cool and comfortable so why not your dog too.   After doing some searching I have found some ways to keep your furkid cool. 

1.Good To Go Cooling Cot

2Good to Go Gel Cooling Mat

3. Collapsible Water Dish  This is good to have in your car for road trips 

4. Mushers Paw Protection To protect those precious feet from Hot Pavement and Hot Sand  *use as directed*

5. Doggie Shower *Quick Rinse after the beach or muddy places 

6.Absorbent Travel Towel

These are just a few essentials,  You can find more Gear and Essentials  online at 

2.The Dog Outdoors

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